Family Fun at the Museum

Explore the buildings, outdoor sculptures, and gallery spaces at the Denver Art Museum. Physical activity cards can also be picked up at the visitor services desk.
Statues of a cow and its calf at the Denver Art Museum

Dan Ostermiller, Scottish Angus Cow & Calf, 2003.

Scottish Angus Cow and Calf

Dan Ostermiller made his cow and calf sculptures 3 times larger than life. He assembled the sculptures inside his studio, but since they were too big to fit through the door, Ostermiller had to cut the cow and calf into pieces and reassemble them outside.


Can you take a photo where you look like you are the same size as the cow and calf?

Building Materials

Glass Tiles: The outer walls of the Martin Building are covered in over one million gray glass tiles that were specially made for the museum. It took workers two years to set all of the tiles by hand.

Titanium: Architect Daniel Libeskind chose to cover the Hamilton Building with an unusual material: 9,000 titanium panels. He chose titanium panels because they “reflect the brilliant Colorado landscape.”


If you were designing the Hamilton Building, what material would you have used on the exterior? Be creative!

The Big Sweep

Why a broom and dustpan? On a visit to Denver, artists Claus Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen were inspired by a sanitation worker sweeping up trash to keep the city clean.


The artists make huge sculptures of other everyday things, including an ice cream cone! What ordinary object would you turn into an oversized sculpture? Share your idea with a friend or family member.

Art Check In

Family Art Check In

Aim the camera on your phone to the QR code on a museum sign when you arrive. Once you have the activity on your phone, choose wherever you want to go in the galleries and use the prompts on the Art Check In to engage with the art.

Family looking drawing while looking at art at the Denver Art Museum

Gallery Games

Looking for fun activities to find details and talk about art? These fun games can be played with any artwork during your visit to encourage close looking, reflection, and conversation!