Untitled Creative Fusions logo and photo of Eileen Roscina Richardson and Joshua Ware

Join Eileen Roscina Richardson & Joshua Ware at Untitled: Creative Fusions

At every Untitled: Creative Fusions two featured artists collaborate with the Denver Art Museum and other local creatives to develop an evening of fun and surprises. For the January artists, Eileen Roscina Richardson and Joshua Ware, we asked them what they are most excited about related to their theme for the evening of Entanglements.

Read what they had to say below, check out the program of events, and don’t miss the next Untitled: Creative Fusions on January 31.

Eileen Roscina Richardson

“I'm most excited for the diversity of charged experiences that attendees will have through the artists' varying interpretations of Entanglements. Joshua and I are each bringing very different types of collaborators to the table—all dancing the line of natural and synthetic—creating a thought-provoking and wildly creative evening that will certainly stimulate all of the senses, and is sure to be greater than the sum of its parts.”

Eileen Roscina Richardson is an artist, experimental filmmaker, and naturalist from Denver. She earned a BFA from Emerson College in Boston, MA, and trained at the School of Botanical Art and Illustration in Denver. Through biomimicry and the study of biophilia, her work examines humans’ spiritual and social (dis)connection with nature, and seeks to raise questions about realizing a radically different metaphoric mapping of time, space, and our place in the world. She has exhibited film internationally, was the 2019 Resident Artist for the National Western Stock Show, and is a current resident at RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Denver. She is represented by Walker Fine Art Gallery in Denver.

Joshua Ware

“What I'm most excited about for Entanglements are the various collaborations with which I'm engaged. Whether fabricating a large, sculptural kaleidoscope with Eileen, or choreographing a performance piece with the poets Sueyeun Lee, Sommer Browning, and Phil Cordelli, the opportunity to work with other amazing artists and writers is both wonderful and humbling. Not only do these experiences allow me insight into how other people generate and develop ideas, but they provide me with the opportunity to expand my practice while learning new skills or techniques. For this, I am extremely fortunate.”

Joshua Ware is an artist and writer who was born in Cleveland. His work has shown locally at venues such as Platte Forum, Redline, Understudy, and Juicebox. He was also shown nationally and internationally. Currently, his practice explores the intersection of art and design in sculpture, furniture, and home furnishing that traffic in textured minimalism. He is also the author of several books, most recently Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen; he intermittently writes art reviews for the online magazine Entropy. Ware received his doctorate in English literature and creative writing at the University of Nebraska with a focus in experimental poetry and text-image hybrids. He lives and works in Denver, where he has resided on-and-off since 2002.