Viviane Le Courtois with visitors in her global thinking pod

Participate in Project with Artist Viviane Le Courtois

Denver Art Museum creative-in-residence Viviane Le Courtois’ Global Thinking Pod is now installed in the exhibit Audacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out. This is not the first thinking pod the artist has designed and built for an art setting. It is, however, the first thinking pod to rely heavily on the contributions and help of visitors.

For several weeks Le Courtois collected material donations of yarn, wool, and hair from visitors in preparation for her opening day on April 5. Now, halfway into her second and last week, Viviane is focused on welcoming visitors to the gallery into the thinking pod where they are invited to slow down, have a discussion, and participate in a meaningful way to her art project by either creating crocheted chains out of yarn or wool, or by donating a piece of their hair.

Le Courtois’ 10-day project will come to a close Friday, April 15 at 8 pm. Make sure to come meet this wonderful artist over the next couple of days and to leave your mark on this collaborative project.

Photo of the artist (left) and visitor (right) courtesy of Chris Perez.