The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse book cover

Dec. 5 Book Launch Celebrates Creative Collaboration Between Mother & Daughter

The story begins on a rainy day with a bored Sophie Mouse. She discovers a mysterious poem and is inspired to go on kindness adventures “anonymousely." As the story unfolds, her small acts of kindness inspire others throughout the forest, resulting in a kindness culture full of spirit and adventure.

This is the synopsis of The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse, a newly released book co-authored by Natalie Lynn Rekstad, founder of Black Fox Philanthropy, and her daughter Sophie Noelle Lynn, the original Anonymouse. When she was 7 years old, Sophie began writing secret notes to her teachers, janitors, and the librarian to show appreciation for their hard work. The book expands on this idea to teach children about the joy of giving, and the concept of empathy, which is inherent in children, and Natalie believes should be cultivated. She says, “When young people develop empathy, they not only thrive in school and life, but they also impact their communities in positive, often extraordinary ways.”

The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse is aimed toward preschool through third-graders, and through the book, Sophie Mouse also invites young readers to share their stories of kindness on the website,

Book Launch at the DAM

Sophie and Natalie invite children and parents to join them for the book launch on December 5 from 10am–noon at the Denver Art Museum, featuring live readings from the original Anonymouse, Sophie Noelle Lynn. Children will have the opportunity to participate in a mask-making project to help inspire their inner kindness superhero.

The museum is grateful that 100% of the proceeds of the books sold in The Shop will be donated back to the Denver Art Museum! And as always, the museum is very grateful to our "anonymouse" supporters.