Denver Art Museum Announces Untitled: Creative Fusions 2022 Lineup of Local Creatives, Artists and Collaborators

Continuing to connect the community with local creatives through unique and engaging programming, the new season of Untitled kicks off on Jan. 28
Artists Jeff Campbell and Robert Martin

Friday, June 17, 6-10 pm. Robert Martin, painter and sculptor, and Jeff Campbell, playwright and spoken word artist.

DenverDec. 16, 2021The Denver Art Museum (DAM) is proud to announce its lineup of local creatives, artists and collaborators for the 2022 season of Untitled: Creative Fusions. A quarterly event that connects the community with local creatives, each Untitled presents an immersive evening full of performances, artmaking and one-of-a-kind experiences. Led by a duo of artists and selected collaborators, Untitled programming highlights the creatives’ voices, perspectives and practices, providing a unique lens into the museum’s collections and exhibitions and activating the museum in participatory ways.

During each event, artists showcase their work while providing an inimitable and engaging atmosphere. The opening of the recently renovated Martin Building and the new Sie Welcome Center provide for an expanded, campus-wide Untitled experience. The Ponti restaurant and Café Gio will both be open for visitors to dine during the special late-night hours of the quarterly Untitled events. Reservations for The Ponti can be made at

“Creativity is an essential part of building connected communities,” said Jodie Gorochow, Associate Director of Creative and Public Engagement at the DAM. “We collaborate with the creative community to bring artists’ voices to the forefront and develop programs and experiences for visitors to engage with artists and their creative practices.”

The 2022 Untitled season kicks off January 28 with an eventful evening led by local creatives Jeff Campbell, playwright, storyteller and founder of Emancipation Theater Company, and Robert Martin, a visual artist who uses rural American imagery to address notions of identity. Campbell and Martin, along with other local creative collaborators to be announced at a later date, will present a series of performances, artmaking activities and other immersive happenings inspired by the exhibitions Whistler to Cassatt: American Painters in France and Suited: Empowered Feminine Fashion.

Artists Bianca Mikahn and Danielle SeeWalker posing together

Friday, April 29, 6-10 pm. Danielle SeeWalker, Lakota visual artist and muralist, and Bianca Mikahn, musician and visual artist.

The featured artists for the 2022 Untitled: Creative Fusions series are listed below. For the most up-to-date information and specific program details, visit

January 28 | 6-10 p.m.
Jeff Campbell, playwright, creative director and Robert Martin, painter and sculptor

April 29 | 6-10 p.m.
Bianca Mikahn, musician and visual artist, and Danielle SeeWalker, Lakota visual artist and muralist

July 29 | 6-10 p.m.
Javier Flores, printmaker and multimedia artist, and Sam Grabowska, multimedia artist

Ooctober 28 | 6-10 p.m.
Cal Duran, multimedia artist, and Sarah Fukami, printmaker and multimedia artist

“Denver has a rich and vibrant creative community from talented musicians to visual artists, muralists, performers, dancers and so many other creative practices,” said Sarah Rockett, Associate Manager of Creative and Public Engagement at the DAM. “We work with local creatives to be a platform for their voice and work, to create a space of connection and to inspire conversation and reflection. Our goal is to create connections between the community and artists to inspire the creative spark that exists in all of us.”

Artists Sam Grabowska and Javier Flores posing together

Friday, July 29, 6-10 pm. Sam Grabowska, multimedia artist, and Javier Flores, printmaker and multimedia artist.

Untitled is included in general admission, which is free for museum members and kids 18 and under thanks to the Free for Kids program. Museum audiences are encouraged to check the museum’s website and social media channels—including #UntitledDAM—to learn more.

Program Sponsor

Untitled: Creative Fusions is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Artists Cal Duran and Sarah Fukami posing together

Friday, October 28, 6-10 pm. Cal Duran, multimedia artist, and Sarah Fukami, printmaker and multimedia artist.

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Image Credits:

Image 1: January Untitled featured artists Jeff Campbell and Robert Martin. Photo by Jeremiah Corder.

Image 2: April Untitled featured artists Bianca Mikahn and Danielle SeeWalker. Photo by Jeremiah Corder.

Image 3: July Untitled featured artists Javier Flores and Sam Grabowska. Photo by Jeremiah Corder.

Image 4: October Untitled featured artists Cal Duran and Sarah Fukami. Photo by Jeremiah Corder.