Pages of comic books created by R. Alan Brook and Jolyon Yates on display in the Storytelling Studio at the Denver Art Museum.

Demonstrating Artists

Featuring local artists R. Alan Brooks and Jolyon Yates

R. Alan Brooks

Based in Denver, CO, R. Alan Brooks teaches writing for Regis University’s MFA program and Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He’s the author of “The Burning Metronome” and “Anguish Garden” - graphic novels featuring social commentary, as well as The Colorado Sun’s weekly comic, “What’d I Miss?”. In addition, Alan is a musician and noted stage host, regularly emceeing celebrated events, like the DINK Awards Show, and Arise Music Festival.

Jolyon Yates

Jolyon Yates resides in Colorado and was born in Durham, England in 1968. He studied Industrial Design at Sheffield Hallam University and then Automotive Styling at the Royal College of Art. Jolyon now participates in various international transport and design projects: his specialisms include design conceptualization, development, rapid prototyping, visualization, print and web.

The Storytelling Studio is generously sponsored by Robert and Judi Newman Family Foundation.