products related to the Paris to Hollywood exhibition in the Shop at the museum

What's New in the Shop at the DAM?

The materials used are mostly sterling silver, copper, and gold vermeil. Mixing metals is a specialty, and the 20-step process involves using heat from her torch to fuse pieces to its base, with no solder.

A bright new addition to the Shop is the Eangee Lamps Collection made with real leaves of the banyan, cocoa, and jackfruit trees. One of our goals is to offer more eco-friendly, sustainable, fair-trade merchandise, and this brand checks all the boxes. These lamps are composed of renewable and organic and/or recycled material and made with environmentally friendly dyes and finishes. The artistic process begins with the picking and the drying of the leaves for three-four months, followed by a hand-rubbing process to remove the chlorophyll. Food-based dyes are applied to the leaf "skeleton." Eighty percent of the leaves are unused; color and toughness are all factors. The leaves are then adhered to a heat-resistant backing, cut to fit onto the shade without overlap, and finished with a strong sealant for stability and integrity. The frames of our lamps are created with hand-stained bamboo, twine, hand-stitched abaca rope, and wrought iron. The result is a living glow, celebrating the peace and tranquility of our natural environ. We offer several designs, from a serene, lotus-shaped table lamp to a six-foot gently curving floor lamp, each a work of art. No two are the same.

Another springtime favorite, with a lower price point than those highlighted above, are translucent Modgy vases and luminaries; a great gift for the coming spring season! These come in varying art-themed or modern designs, and are expandable, stable, reusable, and made of BPA-free silicone. We offer 11-inch-high vases, which great for the tub or the porch (they can be used almost anywhere). We offer six-inch-high luminaries with water-activated floating LED long-lasting candles, four to a package, which form a lovely illuminated ambience. We also offer suction cup vases, perfect for bringing the indoors into even the smallest of spaces.

We also have a wide array of items representing the chic Paris to Hollywood: The Fashion and Influence of Véronique and Gregory Peck. Along with a catalog of the exhibition, we have a variety of fashion-inspired books, magnets, postcards, journals, and beautiful scarves for the springtime—many of which can be found both in the Shop at the museum and online.

Remember, your purchases help support programs at the Denver Art Museum. We look forward to seeing you at the Shop this spring!