a bike amidst colorful abstract paintings on canvases in Romelle's studio

Biking & History Inspire Denver Artist Romelle

Our Denver creative community is a vibrant source of inspiration and creativity—especially now. This week, we asked local artist Romelle to share what is keeping her inspired and sparking her creativity during this time. She says:

“My name is Romelle and I am an abstract painter based in RiNo, Denver. My studio essentials include anything that keeps me sane and I'm never short of vibrant colors to help bring my mood up. Lately, my routine has involved biking to the studio which acts as a sort of moving-meditation as I start the day. I have also been turning to some art history for inspo, including Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel and other books on the Bauhaus movement. Above all, it's refreshing to know that artists of the past had their own hard times, yet through it, they were still able to make impactful work.”

art history books on the floor of Romelle's studio

Courtesy of Romelle.