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Creativity Resource

This is a place for anyone interested in learning and finding inspiration for art and creativity!

Museum Web Quests

Museum Web Quests are opportunities to bring the museum to you. Self-paced, engaging, and educational resources intended for entirely virtual or in-person learning with students of any age.

Each Web Quest includes artist-designed scavenger hunt activities, in-depth lessons, interactive slides, videos centered on artworks from the DAM's collection, and DIY example videos. Mix and match these fun, easy-to-use resources to create a thematic customized experience that fits your child or student's needs.

Plan & Teach

We offer an abundance of lesson plans for all age groups inspired by works in our collection! They were designed by local educators for teachers and homeschooling parents. These lesson plans meet Colorado standards and include 21st Century skills.


Here you’ll find some of our favorite books and why we love them. We’ve even included a few prompts to try while reading to your kids.

Visitor looking at art at the Denver Art Museum

Photograph taken by Samantha Hines

Look & Play

Ever wanted to know more about a piece of art you saw at the DAM? By clicking on an Art Object, you’ll find information about the artist, what inspired the piece of art, and interesting details to note about the work of art. You’ll also find high resolution images and any additional resources we have relating to the artwork.

Creative Practices are fun activities which engage kids (and adults!) while looking at art. You can try these activities out at home, in the classroom, or during your next visit to the DAM!


If you’re looking to get hands on, Art Explorations are for you! Find a variety of artmaking projects you can do at home inspired by art in our collection.

Sculpture made of small TVs

Nam June Paik, Lady Secretary, Bilingual, Will Travel..., 1991. Cathode ray tubes, pay phone, typewriter keys, and laser discs transferred to DVD. Denver Art Museum: Gift of Polly and Mark Addison, 2008.324. © Estate of Nam June Paik

Watch & Learn

Lesson Sparks & Videos give you a glimpse into techniques, practices, and influences. They focus on an artist or an object from our collection accompanied by guiding questions to spark meaningful discussions.

Creative Activity Library

The Creative Activity Library houses all available resources with all kinds of fun and inspiring activities based on the Denver Art Museum’s collection and exhibitions. This includes artmaking projects inspired by different works of art with information about the artist, fun instructional videos, a list of all the materials, and guided questions to consider while working on the project.

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