Illustrated image of a film strip. In each of the three frames of the film strip are three different photos, one of a mural on the side of a building, one of the interior of a museum gallery filled with art, and the third with an image from a protest.

Arte y conciencia social

I think that art is the ability to show and tell what it means to be alive. It can powerfully visualize, textualize and/or musicalize your experience of the world, and there are a million ways to do it.

– Barbara Kruger, artist

Art and Social Consciousness is a fresh perspective on interpreting artwork in a way that connects art, kids, and the issues that matter to them. This Web Quest explores social issues using artworks from the Denver Art Museum collection as a catalyst for discussion. We can view art through many different lenses in order to learn more about our world and ourselves.

Use these activities and videos at home, online, or in the classroom to spark curiosity, conversation, and critical thinking.

Each lens has:

  • A scavenger hunt activity
  • A lesson plan inspired by an artwork that includes two videos, a facilitator’s guide, and supportive materials for kids of all ages to dive into specific topics connected to the thematic lenses

El DAM estableció los Recursos creativos gracias a una generosa donación de la fundación Morgridge Family Foundation. Las actividades presentadas han contado con la financiación de los fondos de la fundación Tuchman Family Foundation, la Freeman Foundation, la Virginia W. Hill Foundation, la Sidney E. Frank Foundation, el fondo Colorado Fund, Colorado Creative Industries, la fundación Margulf Foundation, la Riverfront Park Community Foundation, Lorraine y Harley Higbie, un donante anónimo, y los residentes que dan su apoyo al Distrito de Organizaciones Científicas y Culturales (SCFD por sus siglas en inglés). Un agradecimiento especial a nuestros colegas del Morgridge College of Education de la Universidad de Denver. El programa Free for Kids en el Denver Art Museum es posible gracias a Scott Reiman, con el apoyo de Bellco Credit Union.