Art Lives Here Creativity Kits

The DAM is currently accepting applications for Creativity Kits.

What are Creativity Kits?

Art Lives Here (ALH) Creativity Kits were developed to continue to provide access to creativity and art objects during the COVID-19 pandemic. Creativity Kits are free and are distributed to schools and community centers serving elementary and middle school children and families in and around Denver. The DAM is committed to providing opportunities for artmaking, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and community-building.

This Creativity Kit is inspired by artist Heidi Kirkpatrick.

Assembled With Your Health and Safety in Mind

Denver Art Museum’s top priority right now is ensuring the health and safety of our staff and communities. Staff wore protective masks and gloves while handling the materials. Work surfaces are continuously disinfected and ionized daily. All supplies were purchased new.

Anytime you use art supplies, it is important to read the labels and understand the risks. If you are sharing supplies or materials with young children, supervision is always recommended.

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