Exterior shot of the windows in the entrance to the Landscape Studio

The Landscape Studio

A place to spark your creativity, connect with Denver’s creative community, and get a new perspective on the artistic process! Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and until 8 pm on Tuesdays.

Inside the Studio

Through interactive, self-guided art-making activities, visitors can explore the powerful ways that places inspire us and discover how artists use different techniques and their imagination to bring these landscapes to life. Create a painting with depth and distance using Aerial Perspective, bring a fantastical nature scene to life through ink lines and textures, and discover the true colors lurking in landscapes.

Connect with our local creative community as you explore different ways artists interpret and imagine landscapes with installed works from artists Cami Galofre, Libby Barbee, Becky Wareing Steele, Tya Anthony, and Ajean Ryan! See how places and landscapes inspire these artists and their work.

The Landscape Studio is generously sponsored by Robert and Judi Newman Family Foundation.