Denver Art Museum Returns Four Artworks to the People of Cambodia

November 30, 2021

Working in collaboration with U.S. and Cambodian governments, the Denver Art Museum today announces that four works from Cambodia previously deaccessioned from its collection were picked up from the Denver Art Museum by U.S. officials for return to Cambodia. The pieces entered the museum’s collection approximately 20 years ago, three as gifts and one as a purchase from Douglas Latchford.

In 2019, immediately after the indictment of Latchford, the museum contacted Cambodian officials to bring these pieces to their attention, and gather additional information. Since that time, the Museum has cooperated with the US and Cambodian governments to secure their return; on September 1, 2021, the museum deaccessioned these pieces from its collection. Ensuring proper ownership of antiquities is an obligation the museum takes seriously.

Objects deaccessioned and returning to Cambodia:

Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom (Prajnaparamita), Cambodia, 1150 to 1200, Bayon period. Sandstone.

Sun God (Surya), Cambodia or Vietnam, 600s to 700s, Pre-Angkor period. Sandstone.

Sleep of Vishnu and the Birth of Brahma, Cambodia, 700s, Pre-Angkor period. Sandstone.

Bell, Cambodia, 1st Century BCE, Iron Age. Bronze.

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