Paris to Hollywood Exhibition Access Guide

Section 5

Traveling in Style

Gregory and Véronique traveled frequently to his film locations, for movie premieres, on family vacations, and to attend philanthropic events. Véronique packed her travel wardrobe in elegant suitcases from Goyard, a leather goods company founded in Paris in 1853. For her travel suits, she appreciated the skills of Givenchy and of Pierre Cardin, one of the great masters of tailoring.

A Parisian in Hollywood

Gregory’s charisma and acting talent paired with Véronique’s intellect and elegance made them highly sought-after guests at artistic, social, and charitable functions. Véronique was considered an ambassador of French chic in Hollywood, who had a preference for spectacular dresses that were nonetheless easy to wear—never stiff or pretentious. Although she favored Saint Laurent, Valentino, Pucci, and Thea Porter in the sixties and seventies, she developed a taste for the more ornate designs of Jean-Louis Scherrer and Guy Laroche in the eighties.

She had such great perspective, not just about writing or Hollywood, but about politics and science and global issues.

– Sharon Stone

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