Torsi mit Schnitt (Torso with Cut)

Torsi mit Schnitt (Torso with Cut)

Pia Stadtbäumer, German, 1959-
Born: Münster, Germany
Work Locations: Düsseldorf, Germany, Hamburg, Germany
sculpted bronze
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Gift from Vicki and Kent Logan to the Collection of the Denver Art Museum
Pia Stadtbäumer (German). Torsi mit Schnitt (Torso with Cut). 1995. sculpted bronze. Gift from Vicki and Kent Logan to the Collection of the Denver Art Museum. 2001.869.1-2.
height: 13 in, 33.0200 cm; width: 21 in, 53.3400 cm; depth: 29 1/2 in, 74.9300 cm; height: 10 1/4 in, 26.0350 cm; width: 17 in, 43.1800 cm; depth: 23 in, 58.4200 cm
Modern and Contemporary Art
Modern and Contemporary Art

"Torsi mitt Schnitt (Torso with Cut)" is a  two-part sculpture portrays a realistic human form—in this case two—but with an unsettling feature. Torsi mitt Schnitt consists of two truncated female figures, identical except for their size. The anatomically detailed trunks lack heads, legs, and half of the left arm, recalling broken antique sculptures. Close observation from different angles reveals that the right hand of each torso reaches into its left breast. The hands appear as though they could be reaching for the heart inside each body.

Born in Muenster in 1959, Stadtbäumer lives in Düsseldorf, where she attended the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She has shown almost exclusively in Europe and primarily in Germany. She teaches at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg.

Exhibition History
  • "Focus: The Figure"—Denver Art Museum, 08/09/2008 - 02/2011

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