E.O'T Painting No. 4

E.O'T Painting No. 4

Jack Pierson, American, Born 1960-
Born: Plymouth, MA
Work Locations: New York, NY
Acrylic lacquer on canvas
Accession Number
Credit Line
Gift from Vicki and Kent Logan to the Collection of the Denver Art Museum

Jack Pierson 
E.O'T Painting No. 4, 1996
Acrylic lacquer on canvas
Gift from Vicki and Kent Logan to the Collection of the Denver Art Museum, 2001.821

height: 67 1/4 in, 170.8150 cm; width: 67 1/4 in, 170.8150 cm
Modern and Contemporary Art
Modern and Contemporary Art

Jack Pierson tells the story of the everyday, imbuing the banal with an acute sense of lonely isolation, melancholia, and longing.  To capture his own particular brand of pathos, Pierson utilizes multiple, sometimes unconventional, materials that range from photographs to discarded billboard letters.  Whatever the medium, his work is highly suggestive and atmospheric, triggering an array of memories and imaginative associations in the audience.  His photographs are not documentary evidence, nor are they narratives.  More directly, these images are evocative fragments that call for the audience to fill in the gaps with their own experiences, dreams, or memories.  His word sculptures produce a similar effect. In the artwork E.O'T Painting No. 4, we see several images of the mouth, skin, and stomach. The choice of materials, the arrangement of the letters, and the select phase all complement one another to create a dense field of semiotic play between the material and the words represented.

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