Gallery Games

Looking for fun activities to find details and talk about art? These games can be played during your visit to encourage close looking, reflection, and conversation!

Follow the Clues

We need your help in the 19th Century in European and American Art exhibition! A friendly dog named Rip leaped from his painting and got lost among the artworks. Piece together clues—marked with a paw print—to follow his trail and ensure he is back where he belongs. Look for a QR code in the galleries to start your search.

Seek and Find

When you visit Paris to Hollywood with the whole family, look for a QR code in the galleries to start a seek and find game! Explore Véronique Peck's closet and find the garment that matches the photo prompts. Can you find them all?

Thomas Hudson, The Radcliffe Family, about 1742. Oil paint on canvas; 114 1/2 x 171 3/8 in. Gift of the Berger Collection Educational Trust, 2019.7

Make a Pose!

Create a tableau, or "frozen picture," with your students, children, and/or family in this fun exercise! This is an effective tool for encouraging children to notice details, which is an important reading and pre-writing skill.

painting of two black people next to buildings and a sign that reads Welcome to Wentworth Gardens; below there is a ribbon with the words Better Homes, Better Gardens

Kerry James Marshall Better Homes, Better Gardens, 1994 Acrylic paint and paper collage on canvas Funds from Polly and Mark Addison, the Alliance for Contemporary Art, Caroline Morgan, and Colorado Contemporary Collectors: Suzanne Farver, Linda and Ken Heller, Jan and Frederick Mayer, Beverly and Bernard Rosen, Annalee and Wagner Schorr, and anonymous donors, 1995.77

Ten Times Two

This close looking game can be used with any visual art object and will provide an opportunity for children to look into the detail of the artwork. This activity will reinforce math skills, build vocabulary and introduce descriptive language.

Zoom in detailed shot of Mandarin Duck Rank Badge

Mandarin Duck Rank Badge, Artist not known, China late 1700s-early 1800s, Qing dynasty

Zoom In!

This activity is aimed to help broaden children's vocabularies and art experiences. Each child will take a deeper, more detailed look at a work of art while taking turns guessing what the image could be depicting.

Roberto Juarez, Sweet Potatoes at the Table, 1987

Roberto Juarez, Sweet Potatoes at the Table, 1987

Eye Spy

This version of the classic game, Eye Spy, focuses on a work of art. The goal is for children to become observers in art and use descriptive language to describe various components of the artwork.