Memory Mirror


All memory contributions are made directly to and stored digitally by the artists, Lares Feliciano. Audio contributions will be edited and layered with other sounds to be played in the installation. Images contributed will be digitally edited into an animated collage to be shown in the installation.

By submitting your memory contribution, you authorize Lares Feliciano, in partnership with the Denver Art Museum and its agents to document your contribution, or document your dependent(s) contribution to this installation, and to use the documentation in the artwork, to reproduce and distribute to the public, to transmit or otherwise communicate to the public (including but not limited to printed/digital materials, in-gallery content, film, video, television, Internet, website, social media outlets, and other electronic or broadcast media) and to authorize others to do the same, including future artwork created by the artist. You release and discharge Lares Feliciano and the Denver Art Museum from any claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of your contribution(s), or your dependent(s) contributions and waive any rights to approve or inspect the finished product. If your submission is on behalf of a minor, you warrant that you have the right and authority to submit on his/her behalf.

Visitors inside the Memory Mirror installation.

A young visitor interacting with the Memory Mirror installation.

A visitor inside the Memory Mirror installation.

Two visitors interacting with the Memory Mirror installation.

Visitors inside the Memory Mirror installation.

Installation view of Memory Mirror.

Installation view of Memory Mirror.

Meet the Artist

...Memory is just so, so important and so precious. And it's so fleeting that if we can capture it and hold onto it, make it tangible in some way, there's some real healing to that.

– Lares Feliciano

Watch Lares Feliciano discuss what inspired the installation and her creative process, as well as what she hopes visitors will take from it.

Portrait of artist Lares Feliciano

Photo courtesy Jeremiah Corder.

About the Artist

Lares Feliciano is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural worker based in Denver, CO. Feliciano uses animation, installation, and collage to create worlds where marginalized experiences are front and center. Her work explores queer identities, mixed-race experiences, and complex expressions of grief and trauma. She holds a master's of fine arts in cinema production from San Francisco State University and a bachelor's in film and American studies from Smith College. She has completed residencies with RedLine Contemporary Art Center and Grand Canyon National Park and was a participant in the Colorado Creative Industries Change Leader Institute.

Feliciano is passionate about the power of the arts to create change and strengthen communities. In 2020, she joined the RedLine staff as Art Grants Manager where she supports artists and organizations across Colorado. Previously, she served as program director for Think 360 Arts for Learning and launched the Artist in Residence program at the Children’s Museum of Denver. Lares believes that everyone is an artist and is on a mission to support creativity in all.

She lives and works in Denver, where she has several projects in development including: Diasporican, a multi-layered storytelling project that uses archival imagery, experimental animation, and oral history to explore the deeply personal and diverse stories that make up the Puerto Rican experience; and Memory Mirror, an immersive installation that invites visitors to explore their relationship with memory through animation, dioramas, and interactive storytelling.

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