Moccasin made using porcupine quills from an unknown maker in the Crow Tribe

Moccasin Inspired Activity

Moccasin made using porcupine quills from an unknown maker in the Crow Tribe


Unknown artist from the Crow Tribe

Crow, United States


skin, porcupine quill, beadwork

Melanie Yazzie

A pair of moccasins sparked a connection for Artist Melanie Yazzie to consider the role and importance of having empathy for others, or “walking a mile in someone’s moccasins.”

Does this object spark a lesson idea for your classroom?

  • How could students share memories related to their words?
  • What does it mean to walk in other people’s shoes, and when did you feel like you did that with a friend or family member?

TIP: Have students trace their feet and write words of personal empowerment within the outline to display throughout the classroom.

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