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Creative Explorers

A Creative Thinking Tour for Pre-K Students

Neuroscientists tell us that the type of learning that occurs in [libraries and museums]—self-directed, experiential, content-rich—promotes executive function skills that can shape a child’s success in life. The experiences, resources, and interactions provided by libraries and museums build brains and fuel a love of learning.

– An excerpt from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Growing Young Minds Report, 2013

Creative Explorers is an hour-long introductory tour for preschool students. During a Creative Explorers tour, students:

  • Enjoy a learning experience that is appropriate for students of all levels and with diverse needs.
  • Expand their understanding of artists, learning students can be artists, too, and have the power to make their own choices to turn any material into a piece of art!
  • Are exposed to art from diverse cultures in a variety of media; and learn how artists use a variety of materials, colors and shapes, and their imaginations to make their art.
  • Have an experience that they are excited about and that makes them want to return back to the DAM to share it with their friends and families.


Visual Arts Standards:

  • Preschool, Standard 1.1 Observe and Learn to Comprehend-Identify art in daily surroundings.
  • Preschool, Standard 2.1 Envision and Critique to Reflect -Know that works of art can represent people, places and things.
  • Preschool, Standard 3.1 Invent and Discover to Create 1. Create works of art based on personal relevance.
  • Preschool, Standard 4.1 Relate and Connect to Transfer-Understand that artists have an important role in communities.

Social Studies Standards:

  • Preschool, Standard 2.1 Geography - Develop spatial understanding, perspectives, and connections to the world
  • Preschool, Standard 4.1 Civics -Understand one’s relationship to the family and community and respect differences in others.

Reading, Writing, and Communicating Academic Standards:

  • Preschool, Standard 1.2 Oral Expression and Listening -Children use language to convey thoughts and feelings (Expressive Language).

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