Young boy and parent creating art at a table in the museum.

Artmaking Workshops

Extend your in-gallery learning and get creative with an artmaking workshop.

Supplement your students' field trip with an onsite artmaking workshop. Each workshop is one hour long and can accommodate up to 30 students. There is a minimum of 20 students required to book a workshop

The workshops are designed to facilitate an open studio process, modeled after the Teaching for Artistic Behavior philosophy. In a choice-based studio, students learn behaviors and strategies artists use by following their own interests and by selecting their choice of message, materials, and process.

Each workshop begins with students choosing a creative challenge connected to their in-gallery theme, then working through the creative process from planning to reflecting. Students can share their work with us using our digital gallery and take their work home with them to share with their own community!

What are educators saying?

Students need the opportunity to explore their own ideas and interests! When we (as adults and teachers) allow space for students own interests + validate those interests, the power dynamic shifts.

— Shana Cinquemani, Rhode Island School of Design

Allowing students to learn the creative process allows them to have tangible life skills like project management, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and confidently expressing self.

— Moe Gram, artist

Students need to develop their own voice and be able to communicate. Not just in art!

— Kat Potter, Boulder Valley School District

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