Multicolored Hayagriva Mandala

Take the Time: Mindfulness for Kids

Book Recommendation

Take the Time: Mindfulness for Kids

Maud Roegiers

TIP: Teach children breathing techniques to give them concrete ways to slow down and calm down when needed. Introduce yoga poses as another way to practice mindfulness.

Multicolored Hayagriva Mandala

Hayagriva Mandala, 1996. Created by monk-artists of Seraje Monastic University, India: Geshe Thubten Sonam (b. 1965, Tibet), Sonam Woser (b. 1964, Tibet), Lobsang Lungrig (b. 1974, Tibet). Sand mixed with mineral pigments. Denver Art Museum purchase with funds from the Asian Art Association, Mr. and Mrs. Yale H. Lewis, NBT Foundation, Fay Shwayder, and the Asian Art Department Acquisition Fund. 1996.54

Tibetan Sand Mandala

Sand mandalas are important symbols in Tibetan Buddhism and are used in meditation. They are made by monks and are destroyed when they are finished. The mandala at the Denver Art Museum was created by Tibetan monks in 1996. The monks gave special permission for the mandala to stay in the gallery as a gift to the people of Denver

Mandala coloring sheet

Design by Janet Strickler

Mandala Coloring Sheet

Download the mandala coloring page to practice mindfulness after reading the book. Take time to look at the Hayagriva Mandala made of sand that inspired the coloring page.

Take Your Time

  • Creating a mandala takes a lot of patience. The artist must work on one area at a time.


  • Take deep breaths. Focus only on the part of the mandala you are coloring.

Prompting Questions

  • How can you slow down in your everyday life?
  • What will you do next time you feel like you need to slow down?
  • How does coloring a mandala help you take time and focus?

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