An Illustration of a pig fighting a blue dragon in the book Not A Stick

Ignite Imagination with a Stick

Book cover of Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis
Book Recommendation

Not a Stick

Antoinette Portis

TIP: When children imagine, guess, describe, and wonder, they learn to think in new ways. After reading the book, introduce a variety of small sticks to your art area. Encourage the children to consider the many different ways a stick can be used with their imagination.

In this story, the pig uses a stick to fight dragons, conduct an orchestra and go fishing. It's amazing what a stick can be when it's not a stick.

Prompting Questions:

  • What else could be made with this stick?
  • What would you want to make with this stick?
  • Why can a stick become so many different things?
  • Have you ever used your imagination to make something wonderful from a stick?
  • Educators, are there other books in your collection that could be used for this type of imaginative thinking?

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