Animals, Colors, and Senses, Oh My!

Book Recommendation

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Bill Martin Jr.

Use this 30 Minute Lesson plan to imagine how different animals would move!

This classic story includes a diverse cast of characters involving creative combinations of animals and colors.

Prompting Questions:

  • “Students Name, Student’s Name, what do you see?” encourage creative combinations, and ask multiple students to create a rhythm.
  • What other senses can we imagine?
    • what do you hear?
    • what do you taste?
    • Push yourself to come up unique answers!

Related Creative Activities

Lesson Plan

Combining Human and Animal Forms

Students will use visual observation skills to carefully examine the Assyrian Bird-Headed Deity limestone relief and explore the movement, sounds, and traits of different animals. They will first explore these aspects in humans and birds of prey, as seen in the limestone relief, and will then do the same with “animals” they create from two or more animals. This lesson enables children to draw upon previous knowledge and imagination in order to act out the movement, sounds, and other traits of the animals they create.

Thomas Hudson, The Radcliffe Family, about 1742. 126 in. x 174 in. Long-term loan from the Berger Collection, TL-17968.
Creative Practice

Make a Pose!

Follow these steps to create a tableau, or "frozen picture," in your classroom or home! This is an effective tool for encouraging children to notice details, which is an important reading and pre-writing skill.