Cal and Sarah, hosts of October's Untitled event

Untitled: Creative Fusions

Featuring Cal Duran and Sarah Fukami

Event Program

Performances and Experiences:

Not-to-miss moments happening throughout the evening. * Indicates a performance that will occur twice.

7 pm: Connecting the Threads: A Universal Prayer
Interactive experience, Martin Building Level 2, Northwest Coast gallery

Honor the Indigenous collections as we pay homage with sacred prayer to the earth tribes, led by Cal Duran and Jon Romero.

7:15 pm: JA-NE Cultural Mixtape
Musical performance, Martin Building Level 2, Sturm Grand Pavilion

Japanese folk music and hip-hop dance meet in this genre-bending live musical performance with Courtney Ozaki (she/her) on Taiko and Emcee 3Two (he/him) on beats and lyrics.

7:30–8:15 pm: Jon Romero y Mariposa
Musical performance, Martin Building Level 2, Sturm Grand Pavilion

Join this local Latin jazz ensemble, with a special appearance by Cal Duran. Ensemble members include Jon Romero on guitar/vocals, Mele Vellez on vocals, Tenia Renee Nelson on piano, Jorge Anibal Lopez on bass, Gregory Canchola on drums, and Eric Natsuhiro Jordan -on saxophone/flute.

7:45 pm and 8:15 pm*: Offbeat Art Tour: Impressionist Connections
Art experience, Hamilton Building Level 2, 19th Century Art gallery

Join Gil Asakawa to hear about connections between Japanese woodblock techniques and Impressionist paintings.

8 pm and 8:30 pm*: Offbeat Art Tour: Oracle Cards
Interactive experience, Martin Building Level 4, Latin American Art gallery

Take part in an intuitive "reading" of oracle cards in relation to the Latin American Art collection with Arlette Lucero. Get your own oracle card from a custom set created just for the night!

8:15 pm: Healing Through Vibrations
Interactive experience, Martin Building Level 7, Summit Room

Sound helps us remember, release, and activate our body, soul, spirit, and mind. With Cal Duran, come experience a deep hearted sound bath with the seven chakra healing bowls, flute, chimes, and soul.

8:15 pm and 8:45 pm*: Koto
Musical performance, Martin Building Level 5, Asian Art gallery

Enjoy the sounds of the Japanese koto, played by Junko Shigeta.

9 pm: Danza Azteca
Dance and musical performance, Martin Building Lower Level, Kemper Courtyard

End the evening with the celebration and ceremony of traditional Mexican sacred dance! Dancers will offer a purifying smudging for visitors. By dance groups Huitzilopochtli and Kalpulli ColorAztlan—Danza Azteca.

Drop-In Activities:

Artmaking, installed artworks, and other drop-in experiences available all night.

6-10 pm: Curio Cabinet
Installed artwork, Hamilton Building Level 2

One-night only installed artwork by Cal Duran and Sarah Fukami, inspired by the exhibition Saints, Sinners, Lovers, and Fools. The Curio Cabinet is an ode to the different parts of spirit, time, space, and memory that objects can hold.

6–9:30 pm: Tanzaku
Artmaking activity, Martin Building Level 1, Creative Hub

In the Japanese tradition of Tanabata (Star Festival), the meeting of two constellations and mythical lovers is celebrated by writing one’s own wish on a tanzaku (paper slip) which is then hung on bamboo. Create your own tanzaku to adorn the altar.

6–9:30 pm: Community Kintsugi Project
Artmaking activity, Martin Building Level 1, Creative Hub

Pop-up interactive art installation designed to look like an up-side down ceramic ‘kintsugi’ bowl. Visitor can add their own golden wish to the dome. By the Japanese Artist Network.

6–9:30 pm: Build an Ofrenda
Artmaking activity, Martin Building Level 1, Creative Hub, Sky Blue Workshop

Make an Ofrenda with handmade stamps by Victor J. Escobedo. Connect with ancestral ceremonies as you add one to the altar or take one home.

6–9:30 pm: Modular Origami
Artmaking activity, Martin Building Level 1, Creative Hub, Ruby Red Workshop

Learn how to fold modular origami, in particular the simple Sonobe unit. It only requires a square piece of paper and the willingness to learn. With Gaby Oshiro.

6-10 pm: Altar to the Flight of the Ones Before Us
Interactive installation, Martin Building Level 1, Creative Hub

Create an object to add and meditate on your own cultural traditions at this time of year. Referencing Mexican and Japanese culture, Cal Duran and Sarah Fukami created a collaborative altar to honor their ancestors. It features aspects of both Día de los Muertos and Obon, which are holidays celebrating one’s spiritual connection with the dead. Recognizing the modernization of tradition, the artists hold space for the past while acknowledging the need to create new traditions.

What is Untitled?

Untitled: Creative Fusions is a quarterly collaboration with local artists and creatives to create an evening full of events, performances, artmaking, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout the night, artists showcase their work while providing a hands-on and engaging atmosphere.

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