Artists Jeff Campbell and Robert Martin

Untitled: Creative Fusions

Featuring Jeff Campbell & Robert Martin

Event Program

This edition's theme is American, Who?, inspired by Disruption: Works from the Vicki and Kent Logan Collection and Carla Fernández Casa de Moda: A Mexican Fashion Manifesto.

One-Time Performances and Experiences

Film: Emancipation Theater Company Presents: Message to the Mayor, 6:30 pm

Message to the Mayor is a documentary video of a firsthand account of the traumatic displacements of people experiencing homelessness during a global pandemic in Denver, and those on the frontlines appealing to city government to recognize their humanity. Location: Sharp Auditorum, Hamilton Building, Lower Level.

Experience: Offbeat Art Tour, 6:45 pm and 8 pm

Join Emma Steur, Executive Director of Union Hall arts space, for a tour of the Disruption exhibition through the lens of migrants and immigration. Location: Hamiltion Building, Level 3

Performance: Jeff Campbell and The Deadly Pens, 7 pm

Spoken word performances celebrating Juneteenth, by Jeff Campbell of Emancipation Theater Company and The Deadly Pens: Greg Delaney a.k.a. Mr. Reality, Fadonna a.k.a. FeFe from Canada, and Chi the Realist from New York. Art Illustrations by Consume & Create Design Studio. Location: Sie Event Center, Martin Building Level 2

Performance: Spoken Word Performances, 7:30 pm

Spoken word performances revolving around themes of queerness and nature. Robert Martin will read The Flamboyant Beckoning of Queerness, which stakes claim over nighttime as "queer time." Meeca’Ayo and Nahshon Cook will present selections of their poetry. Location: Creative Hub, Martin Building Level 1

Performance: Werk, 8:30 pm

A Denver diva drag revue featuring the lovely Coco Bardot, Bootzy Edwards Collynz, and Talia Tucker L'Whor. Emcee and stage direction by Jessica l’Whor. Location: Sie Event Center, Martin Building, Lower Level

Performance: DJ Check One, 9 pm

A special performance by DJ Check One, a music lover, a musician, a DJ devotee; all the sanctities of a natural born DJ. Live remixes, blending classic jazz standards with new modern jazz and hip-hop, orchestrated by drums, and keys and bass players have all helped contribute to DJ Check One’s notoriety in the Denver-metro area as a purveyor for the local music scene. Location: Sie Event Center, Martin Building, Lower Level

Drop-In All Night Experiences

Film: The Owl

Video examining the intersection of African-American/Black history and natural/environmental engagement and symbolism, looking particularly at Harriet Tubman and the benefit of a relationship with nature. Explores how this figure utilized bird calls to ensure safety along the Underground Railroad in the cover of night. Location: Hamilton Building, Level 1 Atrium

Film: I Am Raverro the Story of Raverro Stinne by Jeff Campbell

Film by Jeff Campbell about the story of an artist in the Denver Community, whose promising career was taken away by a vicious and brutal attack by a security guard inside Denver’s Union Station in 2018.. Location: Creative Hub, Martin Building Level 1

Film: The Swan by Robert Martin

This video explores the history of William Dorsey Swann (an American gay liberation activtist, 1858-1925) and juxtaposes this figure with the flamboyant image and symbology of the swan. Location: Hamilton Building, Level 3 Hub/Atrium

Film: The Red-Winged Blackbird by Robert Martin

In this video piece, Robert Martin explores instances and manifestations of non-binary gender in nature, highlighting female Red-Wing Blackbirds with red, male-like epaulets. Location: Martin Building, Level 6

Gay Bears But Actually by Danny Jackson

Check out a zine that highlights the beauty in queer animal connections. Showcasing behaviors that subvert the binary narratives of animal courtship, Danny Jackson investigates the systems of knowledge that limit our understanding of queerness in animals. By Danny Jackson (they/them), Evolutionary Biology PhD candidate at Arizona State University. Location: Creative Hub, Martin Building Level 1

Activity: Parfleche Craft with Chelsea Kaiah

Create a parfleche key chain and learn about ethically sourcing natural materials, with local artist Chelsea Kaiah. Location: Ruby Red Workshop, Creative Hub, Martin Building Level 1

Activity: "Meet Me" Zine with Marcus Murray

Introduce yourself through a special "Meet Me" zine, with Marcus Murray. Location: Sky Blue Workshop, Creative Hub, Martin Building Level 1

What is Untitled?

Untitled: Creative Fusions is a quarterly collaboration with local artists and creatives to create an evening full of events, performances, artmaking, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout the night, artists showcase their work while providing a hands-on and engaging atmosphere.

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