Tya Alisa Anthony and Lares Feliciano at the Denver Art Museum

Untitled: Creative Fusions at Home

This is an online event. It does not take place at the museum.

Program Events

"Altiplano" Cocktail

Chef Andrea Murdoch of Four Directions Cuisine creates a cocktail using Corsair's quinoa whiskey. Quinoa is indigenous to the Andes of South America and it is her favorite spirit. She recommends adding house dried sage and apple chips to bring unique garnishes to the beverage along with added layers of flavor. Four Directions Cuisine specializes in elevated Indigenous foods from all over the Americas.


  • 2 oz Corsair quinoa whiskey
  • 4 oz Talbott’s apple cider (Palisade, CO)
  • .25+ oz lemon juice


  • 2 Tbsp organic cane sugar
  • .5 tsp dried sage, ground
  • 1 ea. sage leaf,dried
  • 1-2 ea. apple chip

Offbeat Art Tour

Explore unique perspectives of the exhibition, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism, with Denver muralists JOLT and Emanuel Martinez.

BLACK/BROWN, by Tya Alisa Anthony

We the people vocalize two words, Black and Brown. Hoping all connect to the words in their own way. Seeing the movement of our lips and hearing the annunciation. Honoring time and space for black and brown bodies. Speaking love and light into the words. Taking the time to help a friend. Random acts of kindness with a tool that we all have access to. Our voice. Sharing just two words and 20 seconds.

Q&A with Tya Anthony, Halah Mohammed & Jaime Carrejo

Take part in the interactive conversation on YouTube and Facebook with the artist and dearest fellow creators and discuss her creative practice and new community performance mural, BLACK/BROWN.

Las Adelitas Healing Artfully!

Make a cookie and see artwork inspired by Frida Kahlo with Valerie Finn and Natalie Pacheco. Las Adelitas Living the Arts supports women who have endured acts of violence and trauma, artistic creative healing through all visual arts.

    otra tierra / / other land, by Lares Feliciano

    otra tierra is a moving mural inspired by Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism. What begins as a familiar landscape slowly transforms into a wild, waking dream. Influenced by Kahlo’s magical realism, otra tierra explores identity as it relates to land and time, acknowledging the contradictions we must embrace in order to feel whole.

    Q&A with Lares Feliciano Live

    Ask the artist all your burning questions about her creative practice and new moving mural, otra tierra // other land. Join the interactive chat on YouTube or Facebook.

    Untitled: For Frida

    DJ set by Kenneth "Santo Sunra" Anthony with music compiled as an interpretation of what sounds may have inspired Frida Kahlo to create. The ability to process what we are seeing and finding ways to cope (such as music and movement) as a means to heal is important. For many indigenous cultures, the drum is a way to connect to our ancestors and our past while still driving the energy of current movements.

      Tarot Reading Live

      Intuitive diviner Cooper Kaminsky will host a virtual tarot reading for the collective, which focuses on the unifying themes of manifestation, as well as doing a brief tarot Q&A with viewer submitted questions. Viewers will be able to submit question using the chat function.

      Full Moon Release

      Ever find yourself buzzing with energy only to look up and discover the full moon shining down on you? The full moon pulls the tides and ourselves, imbuing us with a burst of energy we can harness for healing and growth. Follow artist Lares Feliciano as she guides you through easy ways to build your own full moon ritual.

      Materials Needed:

      • Notebook/Journal
      • Pen/Pencil

      Optional Materials:

      • Candles*
      • Lighter/Matches*
      • Bay leaves
      • Sharpie
      • Glass bottle/jar of distilled water
      • Crystals/Stones
      • Tarot

      *Fire Safety Note: Never leave a flame unattended and always check local fire bans before burning anything outdoors.

      Rosehouse Botanicals

      Experience this living botanica and apothecary that specializes in rare, unique, and helpful plants. Rosehouse Botanicals is located in the heart of Denver’s Historic Baker neighborhood & South Broadway business district.

      Plants of the Dead

      Learn about the tradition of honoring our ancestors with plants with Rosehouse Botanicals, a living botanica and apothecary which specializes in rare, unique, and helpful plants. Located in the heart of Denver’s Historic Baker neighborhood & South Broadway business district.

      Las Adelitas Healing Artfully!

      The Frida flower crown is a fun DIY craft activity for all ages and will be led by Marlene Chavez. If you have a headband, colorful artificial flowers, and a glue gun, then you have all you need to create a fun Frida-like headpiece. Las Adelitas Living the Arts supports women who have endured acts of violence and trauma, artistic creative healing through all visual arts.

      Materials Needed:

      • A headband
      • Colorful artificial flowers
      • A glue gun

      You Can’t Tell But I’m Smiling

      A fashion show for 2020, You Can’t Tell But I’m Smiling features the latest in PPE: Personal Protective Extravagance from artists Steven Frost, Rebecca Vaughan, Frankie Toan, Rebecca Tischler, and Laura Shill. Modeled by The Girls of Denver Kiki Sessions, these are face coverings of the future and the future is now.

      Untitled: Creative Fusions is presented by Your 6 Front Range Toyota Stores and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and The VF Foundation.