Large crowd of visitors in the Hamilton atrium watching a performance

Untitled: Artist Takeover

Featuring Drew Austin and Joshua Emerson

Event Program

Performances & Experiences

Not-to-miss moments happening throughout the evening. *Some performances will occur twice.

6 pm, Elder Blessing (Martin Building, outside on Acoma Plaza)

An opening blessing from Indigenous elder, Sid Whiting.

*7 and 7:45 pm, Offbeat Art Tour (Hamilton Building, Level 2)

Indigenous drag queen, Buffalo Barbie, will lead a fabulous tour of Desert Rider: Dreaming in Motion.

*7 pm and 7:45 pm, Offbeat Art Tour: Spoken Word Poetry (Hamilton Building, Level 3)

Join Lafayette’s Poet Laurette, ZBassSpeaks (a.k.a. Z), on a dashing journey of interpretation of artworks through the power of words.

7:15 pm, Comedy Performance: Your Favorite Millennial with Hannah Jones (Hamilton Building, Level 2)

Hannah Jones is a standup comedian, writer, and improvisor based in Denver, Colorado. After being homeschooled in a conservative, religious co-op, her irreverent takes on, sex, dating, and gender politics are as original as they are deeply uncomfortable for her mother to hear. Please be aware mature content is possible.

7:15 pm, Music Performance: Yon^2 (Hamilton Building, Level 2)

Yon^2 (Yon Squared) is a musical comedy Europop duo. Though their origins are shrouded in mystery, a few things they are known for is club-bumping electronic beats, infectious hooks, and thought-provoking lyrics about nightlife and Austro-Germanic folklore.

7:30 pm, Comedy Performance: Colorado Native with Joshua Emerson (Hamilton Building, Level 2)

Joshua Emerson is a Dine' comic based in Denver. He is the cohost of the Colorado Mammoth, the co-chair of the Denver American Indian Commission, and a founding member of the award-winning comedy troupe and production company, DeadRoom Comedy. Joshua combines energy and emotional intelligence to tackle fun subjects like race and love in his stand up. Please be aware mature content is possible.

8 pm, Comedy Performance: CEO of Google with Jacob Jonas (Hamilton Building, Level 2)

Jacob Jonas is a stand up comedian, independent journalist and OnlyFans #1 cartwheel content creator. He lives out of his 2008 Ford Econoline, white panel van, sleeping in Walmart parking lots and eating sandwiches, pretzels, and meat sticks for energy. Please be aware mature content is possible.

8 pm, Comedy Performance: Bisexual Ski Instructor with Jeff Stonic (Hamilton Building, Level 3)

Jeff Stonic is a Denver-based standup comedian originally from Kenosha, WI. He is currently the Creative Director of Deadroom Comedy, Hosting the monthly “Dead Room: Comedy without Laughter” show and “The Bi-Agenda: A Comedy Show for the Silent Majority." Please be aware mature content is possible.

8:30-9 pm, Drag Show Performance: The Best Drag Queen in Denver (Martin Building, Level 2 Event Pavilion)

A drag show featuring Felony Misdemeanor, Michelle B Misdemeanor, and Anne-Michelle Misdemeanor.

9:30 pm, Performance: Opera on the Rooftop (Martin Building, Level 7 Terrace)

Opera on Tap will perform a selection of tall tales and stories from Atlas of Remote Islands, Fifty Islands I Have Not Set Foot On and Never Will, a contemporary opera by composer Nathan Hall. With digital projection by Drew Austin. Libretto by Alan Olejniczak, co-created and produced by Opera on Tap producers Julie Silver Campbell, Jerome Síbulo, Margaret Siegrist. Soloists Leah Podzimek, Erin Trampler Bell, John Murray, Jerome Síbulo, and pianist Jessica Nilles Kressin

Drop-In Experiences

Artmaking and other drop-in experiences available during the night.

6-8 pm, Performance: Electronic Music Improvisation, (Martin Building, Level 2 Event Center)

Ryan Wurst and Aaron Alexander present a collaborative immersive experience. Performance includes a live audio-visual work that utilizes improvisation, electronic music, photography, and film.

6-8:30 pm, Artmaking: Community Piñata (Martin Building, Level 1 Creative Hub)

Add your mark to a collaborative community piñata by local artist, Ian Guerra. Titled Gallo (Rooster), the piñata is a reference to the Latin-American form of transportation known as a “chicken bus”.

6-9:30 pm, Art Activity: Temp Tattoo Parlor (Martin Building, Level 1 Creative Hub)

Interested in a temporary tattoo? Wyatt Scott will be drawing his own temporary tattoo artwork on visitors (space is limited!). Or, try out your own DIY temp tattoos with artwork from Hannah Leathers and Wyatt Scott.

6-9:30 pm, Artmaking: Reassembled: Exploring Identity through Fiber (Martin Building, Level 1 Creative Hub, Ruby Room Workshop)

Sarah Darlene invites visitors to make their own collages. Darlene's work blends recycled clothing and household fibers with advertising images to create complex visual compositions that explore identity and Self. She will teach participants how to compose collages in a similar fashion.

6-9:30 pm, Artmaking: Shrinky Dink Skateboards (Martin Building, Level 1 Creative Hub, Sky Blue Workshop)

Join Larysa Medina to create your own mini shrinky dink skateboard! Larysa is a local graphic designer and illustrator who designs skateboards and snowboards with inspiration from her familial traditions.

6:15-8:15 pm, Food Demonstration: Tocabe (Martin Building, outside on Acoma Plaza)

Experience an Indigenous food demonstration while enjoying samples of fry bread and Wojapi.

Art Installations

One-night-only installed artwork by Untitled creatives.

Sturm Column, Wrapped by Drew Austin (Martin Building, Level 2 Event Center)

"Sturm Column, Wrapped is a playground for light, an intervention in a gathering space, and an exploration of material. The central idea is to wrap the column and see what happens—what will occur when you place a highly reactive and reflective material on a massive scale in the direct path of commercial lighting equipment? I'm expecting magic. Let’s see."—Drew Austin

Plummeting from Heaven by Drew Austin (Martin Building, Level 2 Event Center)

"Plummeting from Heaven is a large suspended sculpture created from digitally cut leaves based on the Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima found here as an invasive species in Colorado. The natural resiliency to grow, year after year stronger, through less-than-ideal external conditions and active oppression from outside forces is a feat I stand in awe of. I also find great joy in exploring the connections between Heaven, invasiveness, and beauty within something considered threatening to our daily domestic lives in relation to my identity as a queer man from a charged religious past."—Drew Austin

The Stash: A Collection of Weeds by Drew Austin (Level 2, Reiman Bridge that connects the Hamilton and Martin Buildings)

"Often overlooked and despised, weeds are one of my favorite naturally occurring sources of inspiration. They come in many sizes, have gorgeous arrays of colors, and cast shadows that I find infinitely fascinating. Recreated on a larger-than-life scale and with a material that interacts with the interior glass, exterior space, and filtered natural light, The Stash is my small way of calling attention to something so beautiful and quick to be tossed aside."—Drew Austin

Denver Digerati video projections by Max Mather (viewable in the Atriums of the Hamilton Building, and the Creative Hub on level 1 of the Martin Building)

Three rotating animations by Max Mather: The System, BELONG, and GEMINI. Mather works with 3-D scans of their own body which are then augmented in their digital animations.

"The augmenting imperfect traits parallels the experience of being read imperfectly as a gender queer person in a binary-gendered world. This creative process is an ongoing exploration of the shared liminal characteristics between emergent digital art practices and gender queer identity."—Max Mather

What is Untitled?

Untitled: Artist Takeover is a quarterly collaboration with local artists and creatives to create an evening full of events, performances, artmaking, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout the night, artists showcase their work while providing a hands-on and engaging atmosphere.