Danielle SeeWalker, Lakota visual artist and muralist, and Bianca Mikahn, musician and visual artist.

Untitled: Creative Fusions

Featuring Danielle SeeWalker, Lakota visual artist and muralist, and Bianca Mikahn, musician and visual artist

Event Schedule

Not-to-Miss Moments:

Opening Blessing, 6 pm
Featuring Lee Plenty Wolf and the PlentyWolf Singers. Martin Building, Level 1, Creative Hub

Poetry, 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm
Rhythmic reflections from spoken word artist, Suzi Q. Smith, and a multimedia performance of Living Maps by Toluwanimi Obiwole. Hamilton Building, Level 1 Atrium

Offbeat Art Tour, 6:45 pm & 8 pm
Insights from Adri Norris on the exhibition, Traitor, Survivor, Icon: The Legacy of La Malinche. Hamilton Building, Level 1 Gallery

Our Mother is Crying, 7 pm & 8:15 pm
Short film by Danielle SeeWalker highlighting three Native American elders from various parts of the United States. The elders discuss the current state of our Uŋčí Makhá (grandmother earth), and how we need to use Indigenous knowledge to protect her. This film is part of The Red Road Project. Hamilton Building, Lower level, Sharp Auditorium

In-Sight, 7:15 pm
Special performance by Bianca Mikahn, with Wes Watkins. In-Sight is a collection of digital and acoustic creations centering voice and embodied psycho-somatic wellness. Where beats meet rhymes, meet life, meets love! Martin Building, Level 2, Sturm Pavilion

A Lecture on White Guilt and Frybread, 7:45 pm & 8:45 pm
Join Navajo comedian, Joshua Emerson, for culture sharing and laughter in this stand-up performance. Growing up as an Urban Native and going back to the Rez during the summers, Joshua has a unique view on what it means to be Indigenous in a colonized society. Martin Building, Level 3 Gallery

Word Weaving, 8:15 pm
A live sound exploration in the unifying of voices. Bianca Mikahn presents an audible mirror through which we are able to examine the energies and textures housed in our own bodies and how these exist together. Martin Building, Level 2, Sturm Pavilion

Drop-in All Night:

Storytelling Studio, 69:30 pm
Discover how artists combine visual imagery and the power of words in two interactive self-guided activities. The Denver Art Museum’s interactive Storytelling Studio is a place to spark your creativity, connect with Denver’s creative community, and get a new perspective on the artistic process. Hamilton Building, Level 1

Lustration, 610 pm
An audio-visual exploration of identifying and releasing bands of pain and memory through somatic performance, by Bianca Mikahn. Created at the La Napoule artist residency, Lustration identifies themes of loss, rage, reckoning, and release, creating space for healing and moving on from that which seems to bind and limit our experience of our internal identities. Hamilton Building, Level 2 Atrium

Thiówa (Painted Tipi), 610 pm
Artist Danielle SeeWalker will have her personal tipi onsite and presented with an exterior mural. Visitors are invited to participate in a collaborative decoration on the inside of the tipi. Historically, tipis were used as a way of being nomadic and not being confined to one geographic area. The idea of 'borders' is a foreign concept to Indigenous people. However, today, borders seem to be all around us. Martin Building, Level 1, Creative Hub

The Red Road Project: An Exploration of Contemporary Native America, 610 pm
Projected images from Danielle SeeWalker’s passion project, documenting what it means to be Native American in the 21st century. Martin Building, Level 1, Creative Hub

Black in Denver, 610 pm
An excerpt of projected images from Narkita’s Black in Denver (2018-2020) series. The ethnographic research project investigates Black experiences in Denver, Colorado and seeks to promote self-inquiry, raise awareness about the power of being one’s self, and challenge stereotypes created by media hegemony. Learn more about the project at blackindenver.com. Martin Building, Level 1, Creative Hub

"Where Does Your ____ Live?" Poetry Activity, 69:30 pm
Pick a word to fill in the question, "where does your ___live?" then answer the rest of the prompts to dive into writing about how we experience and navigate different states of being. By Toluwanimi Obiwole. Martin Building, Level 1, Creative Hub (Ruby Room)

What is Untitled?

Untitled: Creative Fusions is a quarterly collaboration with local artists and creatives to create an evening full of events, performances, artmaking, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout the night, artists showcase their work while providing a hands-on and engaging atmosphere.

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