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Mixed Media to 3-D Floral Art

An Unorthodox Approach to Interpretive Floral Design

About the Educator

Arthur Williams AIFD, EMC, CFD, CPF is known for his floral headdresses and the use of natural tension in his work. With a background in gardening, sculpture, and photography, he entered the floral industry in 1996, and opened his own business, Babylon Floral Design, Inc., in 2004. One of the first seven people in Colorado to become a Certified Professional Florist, he is also a Certified Floral Designer at the national level. Arthur was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers in 2015 and just completed EMC, the European Master Certification program Cycle 3 in 2016. Arthur has been featured in International Floral Art, Nacre, Florists’ Review, 50-Mile Bouquet, and many other publications. In 2018, Arthur took home a Bronze Medal for his work for the annual World Flower and Garden Show in Japan. He is a past Creative in Residence at the Denver Art Museum and has been on the selection committee for the program.

Every piece is a collaboration between Arthur and the materials. An organic medium demands an organic process, and each placement dictates the next. Layers, color, texture are all informed by the structure, which comes from the plants themselves. Contrast and harmony blend into each other and unify. The very nature of living materials makes them impermanent. Arthur considers what is yet to come when positioning a bud yet to blossom, or a full bloom that will decline. A floral work of art is alive and transitory, and cannot be possessed; it can only be experienced. There is perfection in the imperfections of nature's sculptures, and bringing them together in simple, striking beauty is Arthur's gift.

Creative Classes

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