Gallery shot of the Malinche exhibition with a seated woman writing on a notepad

Inspired Poetry

About the Educator

Jenny Stafford is an award-winning book writer, lyricist, playwright, and essayist whose works have been heard on Broadway, regionally, and internationally. The bulk of Stafford's work focuses on three areas: 1) women’s stories/issues, 2) history, and 3) underrepresented populations. She is interested in telling stories that are funny, until they aren’t. She is interested in telling stories that make you look at the person next to you in a different, more compassionate light—stories of empathy.

Creative Classes

Connect with professional creatives, learn a new skill, and expand your own creative practice in 1-day, 4-week, and 6-week creative classes at the Denver Art Museum. These classes are taught by practicing artists and are taught in a studio art environment in the new Creative Hub located on level 1 of the newly reimagined Martin Building.