A man and woman working on arts and crafts together

Ghost, Shadow, Trace: Imaging the World Differently

About the Educator

Genevieve Waller is an artist, writer, historian, and curator originally from Wichita, Kansas. She creates photograms (cameraless photographs), sculpture, drawings, and videos that deal with excess, substitution, transparency, and the status of everyday objects. She has a bachelor's in art history, a master's of fine arts in photography and art history, and an master's in visual and cultural studies. She is also a longtime college radio DJ, most recently on Radio 1190 in Boulder.

Creative Classes

Connect with professional creatives, learn a new skill, and expand your own creative practice in 1-day, 4-week, and 6-week creative classes at the Denver Art Museum. These classes are taught by practicing artists and are taught in a studio art environment in the new Creative Hub located on level 1 of the newly reimagined Martin Building.