Interior view of the Landscape Studio

Demonstrating Artist: Heidi West

About the Artist

Heidi West is an oil painter and teaching artist who works and lives in Denver, Colorado. Her main body of work is comprised of colorful, textural abstracted landscapes that draw inspiration from the vibrant Western landscape that has been the backdrop of her family history for four generations. Her work sets out to draw a parallel between interior emotional experiences and movement through physical space. The small scale of her work (6" x 6" to 12" x 12") creates an intimate experience, inviting the viewer to peek through a small window to find physical spaces and emotional expressions that feel at once familiar and dreamlike.

When she is not working in her studio at Globeville Riverfront Arts Center, Heidi spends most of her days as a Teaching Artist at Thornton High School or at the Thornton Arts and Culture Center. She enjoys exploring the Colorado landscape with her camera or sketchbook whenever possible and you will often find her poodle, Remi close by her side. In addition to painting, Heidi also frequently experiments with a wide variety of materials, including drawing, mixed media collage, photography, and book arts.

Learn more at or follow her on Instagram @heidwest.