Desks and artmaking stations in the interior of the Landscape Studio

Demonstrating Artist: Chelsea Romaniello

Chelsea Romaniello headshot against a neon fluorescent background

Photo by Laura Parisotto

About the Artist

Chelsea Romaniello is a Denver based artist, born and raised in Colorado with artistic influence from her time living in Vancouver, Canada and Santiago, Chile. Her work has gained her a wide range of art skills including print- making, photography, mural art, and graphic design, but her passion is centered in illustration.

Her love for nature, animals and whimsy is the driving force behind much of her work. She loves capturing the meticulous beauty of the natural world and putting her own spin on the animals, characters and creatures. Her current work has allowed her to dive into large-scale illustration projects, where she gets to create worlds full of imaginative details. She hopes to help bring this whimsy and creativity into the design world as well as expand her illustrative projects through collaborations and commissions.