Image courtesy of Cal Duran.

Sound Healing: The Power of Sound

Image courtesy of Cal Duran.

Registration and Pricing


Registration opens at 10 am MST on the following dates:

  • Monday, May 15: Museum Friends
  • Wednesday, May 17: All members
  • Friday, May 19: Open to everyone

Please be aware space is limited and advance registration is required.

Pricing Information

For 6-week and 4-week classes, students will purchase their own materials. No Studio Fee.

For 1-day workshops, all materials provided with an additional Studio Fee of $30–$90.

Class DurationMuseum FriendsMembersStudentsNonmembers
6-week class$195$205$205$240
4-week class$130$135$135$160
1-day workshop$65$70$70$80

Class Details


Creative Classes are held in the DAM’s state-of-the-art classrooms, located inside the Bartlit Learning and Engagement Center on level 1 of the Martin Building.

Class Cancellation Policy

If a class or workshop needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher illness, a “make-up” day will be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday as the educator’s schedule allows.

What to Expect

Students can expect to find a deeper understanding of how sound can help to heal the body and mind. No prior knowledge needed. The beginning of class will focus on discussion of the musical instruments used to help us heal. Then, we will experience sound bathing and meditation as a group. Time in galleries will explore instruments used in ceremonial practices and as healing tools by our ancestors. Lastly, students will be led through yoga positions, breath work, and mantras for healing.

About the Educator

Cal Duran is an artist and art educator focusing on connecting with his ancestors from an Indigenous and Latinx background. His work often explores parallels between hybrid identities found in myth, religion, and ritual. Duran has shown altars, installations and artwork in museums and galleries throughout the Denver Metro area and beyond. He continues to honor his ancestors and recently created a room at Meow Wolf in Denver, honoring the indigenous tribes of Colorado and the Americas.

Creative Classes at the DAM

Creative Classes offer an opportunity to learn from local professional creatives in a studio art environment. Each class is uniquely designed by a creative educator for an adult audience, with specific connections to Denver Art Museum exhibitions and collections. Connect with professional creatives, learn a new skill, and expand your own creative practice.

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