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Poetry: What’s in a Name?

Class Details

What to Expect

To start class, we will discuss aspects of identity: how the world perceives us, how we define ourselves and how these intersect. Following our discussion, we will visit a DAM exhibit to discuss how identity is reflected in the art. For the second half of our class, we will take to the workshop space to create poems that express emerging parts of our own identity. Then, get ready for a little poetry reading of our own!


All materials are included in class pricing and will be provided to students at the beginning of class.


All materials are included in the price of the class.

  • Museum Friends: $95
  • Member: $100
  • Student: $100
  • Non-Member: $120

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About the Educator

Assétou Xango (AH-say-too SHAWN-go) is a Colorado based artist and facilitator. Xango has been featured on HBO's Brave New Voices in 2010 and are a two-time TEDxMileHigh Speaker. Xango was a Fellow of the Academy of American Poet Laureates in 2021 and has been published by many prestigious organizations such as Westword and Xango is the Emeritus Poet Laureate of Aurora, Colorado (2017-2021) and founder of Dark Goddess Collective. In all of their work, Xango is dedicated to the visibility and rights of womxn and gender non-conforming people of color, through storytelling to dismantle binaries and divisions.

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