Man and woman sitting and creating together

Bio Art

Headshot of Laura Lynnxe Murphy

Photo by Tommy Shine

About the Educator

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy is a bio artist, sculptor, curator and writer living in Denver, Colorado. She received her master of fine arts from The Ohio State University on University Fellowship in 2012 and has spent her life building community and DIY gallery spaces and advocating for artists alongside her own robust studio practice. Her work is research-driven and science-based, and focuses on insect extinction, mutation, climate change and biophilia. Much of her work is made by collaborating with endangered species and the systems they employ, such as building sculptures with bees or making drawings with snails.

Creative Classes

Connect with professional creatives, learn a new skill, and expand your own creative practice in 1-day, 4-week, and 6-week creative classes at the Denver Art Museum. These classes are taught by practicing artists and are taught in a studio art environment in the new Creative Hub located on level 1 of the newly reimagined Martin Building.