visitors in the creative hub

What Does Creativity Mean to You?

the wall in the creative hub where visitors write answers to the prompt we need creativity because...
visitors in the Creative Hub

Photo by Julia Vandenoever

Below are just of few of the recent answers visitors have left:

“…it inspires people.”

“…without it, the world would be boring.”

“…it expands your mind and gets you thinking more!!”

“…the planet is magical.”

“…creativity helps me understand myself and you better. Creativity helps all of us understand more fully the human experience.”

“…it opens our mind to [new ideas] about the world.”

“…it helps [us] grow and have courage.”

“…it makes us human.”

What would your answer be? While responses are as unique and varied as the visitors who leave them, many of them speak to creativity as a powerful tool to open our minds, inspire us, and make the world a better place. Visitors tell us that with creativity, we can bring people and communities together, express who we are as individuals and humans, and create a better future.

Perhaps you love to paint, knit, doodle, or sculpt with clay. Perhaps you make time for cooking new recipes, or gardening, or exploring new places. Perhaps you find joy in rearranging and tidying your home, taking mindful walks through your neighborhood, or planning your next vacation. Take some time today to reflect on how you find creativity in your daily life. Find those tiny moments to get creative, get inspired, and imagine new ways of being. Who knows, you might just change the world.