DJ collective Chulita Vinyl Club (CVC)

Untitled: Stories is Dedicated to Powerful Voices & New Constructions

Produced with local creatives, Untitled Final Fridays is the museum's monthly late night program featuring workshops, performances, and tours with a twist. Experience the museum in an entirely different way—every time.

Join us for Untitled: Stories on Friday, September 29 from 6-10 pm (included with general admission). Tell your tales in a night dedicated to powerful voices and new constructions.

Chulita Vinyl Club performances

DJ collective Chulita Vinyl Club (CVC) will be at the Denver Art Museum as part of September’s Untitled Final Friday event! Artist Xochi Solis (see her work in Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place) and founding members of the Texas and California chapters of CVC will keep the beats on blast all night long.

Chulita Vinyl Club is an all-girl, all-vinyl club for self-identifying women of color, which launched in 2014, with the context of providing a space for empowerment and togetherness. ALL visitors are welcome to stop by, bring their own vinyl and watch, listen and dance to the sets of the CVC crew.

  • To kick off the evening at 6 pm, Chulita Vinyl Club will host a Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV) set and visitors are encouraged to bring a record from their collection to be spun in-house while they enjoy the exhibitions on view.
  • Beginning at 7 pm, participants from a workshop held earlier in the day will return for their final performance to showcase their learning, with CVC jumping on the 1s and 2s at 9 pm to finish up the night with a set of their own.
Bilingual (Spanish and English) Yoga led by Noemi Nunez in Untitled Final Friday June 2017

Bilingual (Spanish and English) Yoga led by Noemi Nunez in Untitled Final Friday June 2017

Bilingual (Spanish and English) guided meditation outside on the plaza, led by Noemi Nunez—check out her bilingual yoga sessions at June’s Untitled pictured above—will be a unique experience with the rocking musical cadence of the interactive installation of La Musidora. Enjoy the melange of art and wellness with an implied invitation dialogue of cultural relevancy. No previous yoga or mediation experience needed, neither is it necessary to master Spanish, or to bring a mat. Let's raise Denver's vibration together by uniting breath and intention in community.

Craftsman & Apprentice will be leading Latin American-inspired embroidery adult crafting workshops. Learn techniques and create take-home projects.

The Narrators will be here performing a series of animal-inspired stories to kick off the new exhibition Stampede: Animals in Art, joined by musical performances by The Playground Ensemble. Exhibition-inspired storytelling also will be led by Stories on Stage.

There will be community and artist led talks around the work in Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place, facilitated by Flo Hernandez-Ramos of Latino Public Radio and including an artist chat with Jaime Carrejo about his border-wall inspired work.

MOTUS theater will be performing a number of monologues focused on issues surrounding immigrant rights and Latino cultural identity. Monologues from actresses Ana Casas (discussing her brother’s deportation), and Teresita Lozano (leading a singing tour of Mi Tierra), focuses primarily on the Castas paintings and reflections on her Mexican identity, as a light-skinned woman of color.

Warm Cookies of the Revolution and special guest Jason Heller (@jason_m_heller), writer and Hugo Award-winning editor, will be pushing us to exercise our civic engagement.

Buntport Theater is here to entertain with Joan and Charlie improv in the elevator.

Sing Car-aoke in the Toyota to show off your powerful voice.

Images: Photo by Lynda Gonzalez, Chulita Vinyl Club. Noemi Nunez, bilingual yoga session at Untitled: Action!