gallery view of Mary Cassatt paintings in Whistler to Cassatt

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Whistler to Cassatt

3. Focus on women artists: Did you know the only American who exhibited with the French Impressionists was a woman? Mary Cassatt. This exhibition brings to Denver the rare opportunity to see 18 of her paintings and also features works by Elizabeth Jane Gardner, Cecilia Beaux, Lilla Cabot Perry, and Elizabeth Nourse.

4. Audio tours in English and Spanish: The adult audio tour highlights stories of the American artists developing their careers in France. Curator Timothy J. Standring, Colorado artist Ron Hicks, and art history professor Emily Burns share insights into the way these artists lived and worked. In the youth tour “Adele Tanner,” a time-traveling journalist meets artists while preparing to write about the exciting experiences they were having in Paris and nearby countryside.

5. Access guide: Take a closer look at the artworks and wall text with our online access guide. Look for a QR code inside the exhibition to load the guide onto your phone.

6. Family fun: In addition to the youth audio tour, you will receive a livret (small booklet). When going to the original Grand Salon, visitors used a livret to identify the art on view. Like Salon visitors did in the past, Whistler to Cassatt visitors will use a livret to find information about the artworks in two galleries that are hung in the salon style (a group of paintings hanging on multiple levels). There are two line drawings kids can color after the exhibition. Tickets for youth age 6-18 are $5. Admission is free for kids 5 and younger.

7. New restaurant: Make a day of it with lunch at The Ponti, which The Denver Post recommends as one of the best new Denver restaurants perfect for celebrating the holidays. Menu and reservations.

Bonus! If you want to see more, your Whistler to Cassatt ticket gives you access to the whole museum. See what else is on view.