Photo courtesy of Sarah Palmeri

There's Still Time to Register for Summer Art Classes

Photo courtesy of Sarah Palmeri

Looking for inspiration and community this summer? Or maybe a little "me time"? Come take a fun Creative Class at the Denver Art Museum. Our Creative Classes for adults are a great way to relax, recharge, and express yourself.

We still have openings in the following classes that start in July or August. Prices are $116 for Museum Friends, $136 for students and members, and $156 for nonmembers.

Ghost, Shadow Trace: Imaging the World Differently

Meets Wednesdays for four weeks, starting July 6. Focuses on the concept of the trace, an image left behind by the presence of a person or an object, as well as camera-less photographs. Instructor: Genevieve Waller

Bio Art

Meets Tuesdays for four weeks, starting July 12. What the heck is Bio Art? Find out in this rooted in environmental concerns and science. The DAM's Sensory Garden will be a focal point in this class that will feature a lecture and hands-on artmaking. Instructor: Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

Art is healing because it is a way to channel your feelings–ones on the surface and ones deep down you don’t even know about–into making something as a way to process, digest, expel, and share trauma, grief, joy, etc.

– Sasha de Koninck

Where Paper Meets Ink: Gelli Printing

Meets Wednesdays for four weeks, starting August 3. Gelli printing is the process of using ink on top of a gelatinous surface and removing and adding color to create imagery. Bringing objects, stencils, and your own artistic flair will aid in elevating this fun and easy process. Instructor: Alanna Austin.

Inputs: Responsive Materials

Meets Tuesdays for four weeks starting August 9. Students will design and weave their own tapestry woven with conductive yarn, and use it to control LEDs. Instructor: Sasha de Koninck

Thinking about fall classes? Learn more.