Kids working on an arts and crafts project in the Creative Hub

Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) at the DAM 

Keynote speaker Jillian Hogan, co-author of Studio Thinking from the Start: the K-8 Educator’s Handbook, will kick off the weekend with a virtual talk that investigates why this choice-based model works. On Sunday, educators will hear from Moe Gram and Frankie Toan, local artists and creators. Gram and Toan are the artists responsible for the first activities hosted in the museum's dyanmic new Creative Hub space.

The DAM is proud to participate and collaborate with Colorado TAB because of our shared mission to cultivate creativity and support educators. We're particularly excited to share our new workshop spaces, which have been designed to facilitate an open studio process and are modeled after the TAB philosophy.

In these choice-based studios, students learn behaviors and strategies artists use by following their own interests and by selecting their choice of message, materials, and process. In addition to the many sessions facilitated by Colorado’s best TAB teachers, participants will have an opportunity to experience part of the DAM’s newest fieldtrip opportunities, which embody the TAB essential question: What do artists do?

Learn more about what artists do now by visiting the Colorado TAB website and register for the conference today!