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Suit Up for Untitled Final Friday

Roll up your sleeves and dress to impress for a stylish Untitled dedicated to costume and fashion. From business suits to birthday suits, we’re celebrating the looks needed to ball, brawl, and stand tall. Start planning your outfits now, and get dressed to the nines for Untitled: Power Suit at the Denver Art Museum!

Go Behind the "Seams"

Suit up with Native Arts Artist-in-Residence, Wendy Red Star in a behind-the-"seams" look at tailoring techniques and one-of-a-kind looks fashioned from Pendleton blankets.

Continue the style session with a curator walk-through of the powerhouse show Shock Wave. Learn from the DAM’s resident French fashionista, Florence Müller about the patterns, pleats, and gathers that give Japanese fashion of the 1980s and ‘90s real staying power.

Examine the hidden structures underneath dresses necessary to show off in style. Learn from exhibitions experts about the tools of the trade needed to ditch the hangers and give fashion art the support it deserves. Continue to build your base and sculpt your form with in-gallery body-building demos from Cole Fusion Fitness.

Hear Slam Poets

And what’s a body without a voice? Hear the vocal stylings and powerful performances of Café Cultura poets, our current Cuatro[4] artists.

Stylin' & Profilin'

We’re sure you’ll look great, but if you do need a little inspiration, we’re here to help. First step, mix it up and piece together a power ensemble inspired by our collection. Head over to Duncan Pavilion for a style consultation with Denver Public Library that’s perfectly suited for the stars.

Once you’re a style expert, check out the Costume Studio to design something fierce. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make Star Wars and Shock Wave realness out of some real homely products. Leather and lace? More like coffee filters and tape. Designers, MAKE IT WORK!

While you’re creating your masterpiece, meet our MakeARTtalk artist, Aaron Rendoff of Ability Productions. As an artist with cerebral palsy, Aaron knows all about making it work, and is here to get us in the mood for a masquerade. Come see some finished works and a live action demo of his process creating fashion-inspired ceramic masks.

Ready to Rumble?

Then, step right up for the main event! It’s time to enter the ring with scuffle with the costumes and characters of pro wrestling. You heard me, it’s time to RUMBLE! Join Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling all stars on an art tour that’s sure to leave you in stitches (from laughter that is!). These guys are here to show us the art of wrestling and the costumes that give them strength.

See you on the 24th! Star Wars and the Power of Costume requires a special exhibition ticket. Untitled Final Friday is included with general admission.