Jamie Wyeth speaking at media preview of Wyeth exhibition

A Sneak Peek into the Wondrous World of the Wyeths

On November 5 we invited the media to a preview of Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio, opening November 8. Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director of the DAM, Timothy J. Standring, Gates Foundation Curator of Painting and Sculpture, and Jamie Wyeth led the tour through the exhibition.

Heinrich noted that it was exciting to see the dialog between two artists whose paths overlap and diverge throughout their careers. “It is a conversation worth joining since you can only see this show in Denver before it travels to Madrid, Spain.”

Standring also commented on the element of dialog within the exhibition. “I am most excited for visitors to share in the surprises that come from putting Andrew and Jamie together in the same space for the first time. I think these serendipitous moments bring about an unexpected view of the Wyeths and ultimately proclaim a new chapter to enrich and expand the discussion on Andrew and Jamie.”

Jamie Wyeth shared intimate family stories and funny moments about what was going on behind the scenes of his work with visitors, including a story about a pig on a neighboring farm that he was painting eating tubes of his paint and leaving "rainbow-colored droppings" afterward. And a tale of how he crushed his wife's pearls to add luminescence to a painting called Meteor Shower.

The exhibition, which is organized into seven different sections, ends with a coffee table filled with photographs of Andrew and Jamie, bringing the artists’ story full circle.

View the slide show to see more photos from the media preview. The exhibition opens this weekend. Members see it first. The public can see it for a one-time special price at Night at the Museums.

Timothy J. Standring, the DAM's Gates Foundation Curator of Painting and Sculpture and curator of Wyeth gives the media an overview of the exhibition.

Jamie Wyeth looks at study for Christina's World by his father Andrew Wyeth.

Jamie Wyeth and curator Timothy J. Standring discussing the Wyeth exhibition.

Jamie Wyeth with his painting Kleberg.

Jamie Wyeth discussing his portraits of Andy Warhol.

Jamie Wyeth's series of paintings inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins are on view at the Denver Art Museum.

Jamie Wyeth and curator Timothy J. Standring

The exhibition features photos of the Wyeth family.

Timothy Standring speaking at Wyeth media preview
Jamie Wyeth looking at study of Christinas World
Jamie Wyeth speaking at media preview
Jamie Wyeth with his painting Kleberg
Jamie Wyeth speaking at media preview
The 7 Deadly Sins portion of the Wyeth exhibition
Jamie Wyeth and Timothy J Standring
One day I expect to be known as Jamie Wyeth's father. A quote from Andrew Wyeth
Family photos of Andrew and Jamie Wyeth