6 cloth face masks on a white cloth

Share Your Textile Stories

It seems that these days, many people are turning to textiles as a source of well-being for themselves and for their communities. Some of us are helping others by sewing facemasks. Some of us have taken up a new craft—quilting, embroidery, knitting—to help slow down and meditate. We have turned to a beloved heirloom blanket for comfort, or found communities of fellow makers, through online sewing circles. Some of us have used banners and garments with messages to voice social issues we care about.

How have textiles and fashion contributed to your well-being during the pandemic and this time of social unrest?

We want to hear from you. Please submit a paragraph or two (and photos if you want) letting us know.

We will follow up with 10 to 20 people to make a video of them telling their stories. A compilation will be included in the museum’s Thread Studio when it reopens.

Please submit your entry by March 1, 2021. Thank you!

The Nancy Lake Benson Thread Studio is an exploratory space adjacent to the textile art and fashion gallery. Its displays and activities will invite visitors to consider the role textiles and fashion play in their daily lives, and how textiles and fashion connects humans across time and space.