The Season Finale of Joan and Charlie & More at Untitled #62 (Shady)

Untitled #62 (Shady) on October 25 is the final final Friday of the season, which means it’s also the season finale of Buntport Theater’s Joan and Charlie Discuss Tonight’s Theme. This particular show is a much anticipated event since Joan and Charlie will be there, but not in their usual spot. The October 25 Untitled is taking place only in the DAM’s North Building. So, for just the third time in their 52-show history, Joan and Charlie will have to relocate from the Freight Elevator Pool. What could that possibly mean? If you’re a devoted fan who’s been following the series, you might have an educated guess. Let’s review what we know:

1. The first time Joan and Charlie were seen outside of the Freight Elevator Pool, they only ventured a few feet away. How will they respond to a much more drastic change of scenery?

2. The only other time Joan and Charlie abandoned post was at Untitled #30 (Sloth). It was then that it was discovered that there exists an alternate-reality version of Joan and Charlie in an elevator of the North Building: a happy, cooperative version that actually spends time in the water during their swimming lessons. Will this Untitled be our second sighting of the Disney version of Joan and Charlie?
3. Or maybe, just maybe, the 53rd time is the charm, and Joan will finally cave to her feelings for Charlie. Two years ago, they ended the 2011 season with a kiss (albeit awkward) at Untitled #42 (Coda). That said, it’s been over five years since their first and last date at Untitled #19 (Pyro), so as far as rom-coms go, this one isn’t quite on schedule.
So, devoted fans, be sure to grab your seat on October 25 and together we’ll find out how this round of Joan and Charlie ends.
Joan and Charlie Discuss Tonight’s Theme isn’t the only event to tune in to at Untitled #62 (Shady). Artist Rupprecht Matthies will be on hand to turn your words into a two-story drawing in preparation for the latest installation of his artwork ¿Being Home? MakeARTtalk artist Betsy Tobin experiments with light, shadow, and reflection in a multi-media performance. Four local experts, Meredith Feniak, Susan Rubin, Grant Snider, and Cindy Leibman, offer lessons in four different types of drawing. Photographer Karen Divine shows you how to turn your on-the-go smartphone photos into artistic masterpieces. We’ve got folks from The Concoctory Creativity Shoppe teaching you the basics of lock-picking. Denver Public Library’s Fresh City Life has a surprise in store. DAM master teacher Heather Nielsen discusses the suspicious side of artworks and DAM curator Eric Paddock gives you a look at deceptive appearances in photography.
See you at Untitled #62 (Shady) on Friday, October 25. You can view the event listing on our calendar and RSVP on Facebook.