Illustration of MO SPKX and the words Unexpect the Expected Untitled Final Friday Featuring Kate Speer August 30 6 to 10 pm

Q&A with MO SPKX

MO SPKX is the featured artist for Untitled Final Friday: Harvest of the Dreamer at the Denver Art Museum on September 27. Read our Q&A to learn more, and then join us at Untitled! (Check out the program of events.)

[This month's Untitled] is an opportunity to have your senses blown. An opportunity to feel awe, to learn, to laugh, to experience life in the moment, to walk away with new dreams.


What inspires you?

The magnificent reality of existence, the struggle, the hustle, the simple moments, the triumphant moments, and more than anything…the young people.

I chose my art, because my art chose me, so inspiration lives in me. I listen to the streets and the clouds, the land, the water and the ancestors, their stories, their instructions. Inspiration follows me. It pops up in front of me, lurks behind me, waits for me around every corner, sleeps with me, and wakes me each day to face a new sun.

What aspects of your creative practice are you excited to share with visitors at Untitled?

I’m pleased to share my work as curator and producer. I imagined a "harvest of dreams," and I’m blessed that some of my friends will be co-creating with me. I will also be offering world-premiere performances for three new records I am releasing this fall.

What opportunities has Untitled given you to see your practice in a new way?

The Denver Art Museum has given me space and support to make a dream happen in a mesmerizing venue. It has allowed me to aim UP and scale my creativity through the roof. I want to thank Sarah Rockett, Alyssa Lubow, and their team for all the time and care they put into all the details. I am truly honored to work with you all.

What art collections/exhibitions are you connecting to for this event, and how are they inspiring you?

The Light Show, in particular, was perfect timing for the theme "Harvest of the Dreamer." The mirrors, lights, shadows, shapes, darkness, reflections, refractions, angles, and perspectives provide a perfect playground for my dreamscapes.

What do you hope visitors will get out of your Untitled event at the Denver Art Museum?

I hope everyone forgets their phones. I hope visitors feel like they are in a dream. This is an opportunity to have your senses blown. An opportunity to feel awe, to learn, to laugh, to experience life in the moment, to walk away with new dreams.

What surprises are in store for visitors?

If I telegraphed all the surprises here, there wouldn’t be any surprises left for the readers. If you’re curious, come play.

What does a program like Untitled mean to the local Denver arts community?

Immersive art is trending now. The street artists doing mural and graffiti art, and the cultural grassroots organizations like Cafe Nuba and Su Teatro, they were doing it first. They taught the institutions how to do “immersive art.” The Denver Art Museum responded, and this is a powerful opportunity for artists to bring a museum experience to life. Untitled should remain a staple of Denver’s growing immersive arts world.

What’s up next?

All future MO SPKX music will be rolled out through creative experiments. Select MO SPKX music will only be available through live curated events.

Where can people learn more about you and your work?

The best way to experience my work is to catch me LIVE. It’s a different show and experience every time, and it comes in waves. I’ll be rolling out new music regularly over the next few seasons. You can follow me on Instagram @MOSPKX for updates.