5 poetry slips with illustrations of artists and colorful graphic designs

Paying Tribute to Japanese Women Artists

My artwork usually employs this technique to have difficult conversations about Japanese-American history, but in this case I wanted to create meaningful tributes to these remarkable artists who persevered beyond their circumstances. These histories may have occurred at different times and places, but retain the essence of a universal human condition: not just to survive, but to thrive. To create meaning outside of the individual and connect to something
greater, as with art.

That is how history survives throughout the ages—by way of a desire to preserve it. Though it can be just as easily obscured with the same effort. Sometimes the truth must be revealed, and I believe it is our duty to do so. Whether it is through the oral, written, or visual tradition, it deserves to be seen and heard. To be remembered through something timeless is a fundamental human need. I hope that my and their work serves that purpose and I am honored to represent and contribute to their legacy in a small way. Thank you so much to the Denver Art Museum for having me and please take a trip to visit Her Brush!