Camila Galofre painting in her studio

Paint Studio Demo Artist Cami Galofre

Cami Galofre will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating abstract landscape painting and color fields noon–3 pm on December 14-15, 2019. The Paint Studio is included with general admission, which is free for members and youth 18 and under.

Cami Galofre is a Colombian contemporary visual artist based in Denver, CO. Galofre grew up Quito, Ecuador surrounded by beautiful Andean habitats and then spent her undergraduate years exploring the American West where she fell in love with the landscape. She holds a BA in studio art and environmental science from Colorado College (2013) and a MFA from Arizona State University (2018). With a national and international exhibition record, Galofre currently lives in Colorado, while teaching at the Community College of Denver, the Denver Art Museum, and el Museo de las Americas.

Laura Thompson: What will your demo at the DAM look like? What can visitors expect?

Cami Galofre: Visitors can expect to see a lot of color! I will be working on a few new oil paintings focusing color theory, light, depth and movement.

LT: In you artist statement, you mention that you explore Magical Realism as a visual concept. Could you expand on this and discuss how your heritage impacts your interest in Magical Realism?

CC: Magical Realism is when supernatural phenomenon are presented in an otherwise mundane setting. As a Colombian artist, I grew up with this genre as something that has always been part of me, and have always felt the urge to express it in my work. It is not necessarily obvious, but the intent is to convey a combined sense of familiarity and illusion.

LT: Your paintings feature rich and emotive color. Could you discuss the role of color in your practice?

CC: Thank you! Color is perhaps the most important aspect of my practice. Before starting any of my paintings I reference the color and light of the environments that I am interested in portraying. Whether it is from a memory, a photograph, or a sketch, it all stems from the inherent colors of the landscape.

LT: I noticed that you also create sculptural/interactive site-specific installations. Could you discuss the connections between this work and your painting practice?

CC: Site-specific installations are an entirely new territory for me, but I’ve been enjoying the challenge of working outside the canvas. I started working in this medium because of my interest in creating a 3-dimensional experience of my work as a painter—both through the process and as an end result. Experimenting with different approaches and investigating multisensory responses to the landscape has added an exciting layer to my practice that I hope to keep on developing.

abstract painting

Camila Galofre. Tints on Evening. Oil on Panel, 30 x 30 in. 2019. Courtesy of the artist.