entrance to the Norman Rockwell exhibition with a large reproduction of a painting with a cluster of people of different races, genders, ages looking at the viewer

Norman Rockwell Exhibition Resources

Ready for a deeper dive into Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom? The following resources give more insight and expand on the ideas covered in the show:

Visitor Guide

Did you know our visitor guide to the exhibition also includes the labels on the gallery walls? It also includes a family game to use with children during your visit.

Untitled: Creative Fusion at Home-July 31, 7 pm

Livestreaming on the Denver Art Museum's YouTube channel

Join artists Ramon Bonilla and Brenton Weyi for Untitled: Creative Fusions from the comfort of your home. Focusing on the Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom exhibition, the livestream event will feature local Denver creatives addressing the theme of Re:viewing. Interact with performers, learn a new artmaking practice, and connect with the creative community as we revisit stories of freedom.

Online Lecture-August 4, 4 pm

Curator Timothy J. Standring will walk Zoom attendees through what it takes to put together an exhibition such as Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom. This lecture is free. Registration is required. Learn more and register.


We are asking the public to share their thoughts on social issues like economic inequality, racism, and privilege. Please join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter by responding to the question: We all want a better future; how can we be part of the change? Use #FourFreedomsToday so that your response will be projected onto a wall within the exhibition for others to read and reflect upon.

Norman Rockwell Museum

The organizer of this traveling exhibition offers rich video content about Rockwell and his subjects on their website.

Contemporary Artists in the Exhibition

In addition to artwork by Rockwell and some of his contemporaries, the exhibition includes artwork by several contemporary artists (many of these pieces are in the museum's collection). We invite you to learn more about them:

Local Artists Explore Four Freedoms

American Democracy, an upcoming exhibition at History Colorado (Sept. 12 through Jan. 3), will feature a Four Freedoms Project at History Colorado Center by local artists David Ocelotl Garcia, Rochelle Johnson, Cori Redford, and Carmen Richards. These artists are creating personal interpretations of four American values—freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear—articulated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the brink of World War II. As a study in contrast that powerfully speaks for itself, their works will be displayed alongside archival reproductions of Norman Rockwell’s patriotic interpretations. The local artists' creations will be unveiled on August 7 at a community event, and displayed through the closing of American Democracy.

Suggested Reading

Our friends at the Denver Public Library have created a list of books and digital resources about Norman Rockwell. Our Pop-Up Shop is also selling several books about Rockwell. Please keep in mind our main Shop is closed, but we do have a smaller shop open now (credit cards only) where visitors can buy souvenirs and gifts.

Image: The title wall of the exhibition. Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), The Right To Know, 1968. Oil on canvas, 29” x 54”. Illustration for Look, August 20, 1968. Private Collection. ©Norman Rockwell Family Agency. All rights reserved.